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Japanese sanitary wares are on fire again, these details are really practical


The bathroom space has always been a very important place in our lives. A reasonable bathroom design will make our daily life more convenient and can also reflect the life attitude of the owner of the house.

The clean and atmospheric bathroom space will make people feel very comfortable. When it comes to bathroom space, many people think of Japanese bathroom design. For example, in the past few years, there were not many smart toilets in China, but the smart toilets in Japan are very popular. There will be many people who purchase Japanese smart toilets deliberately. Of course, the domestic smart toilets are also very popular now. However, some designs of Japanese sanitary wares have become "hot" recently. Many details in Japanese sanitary wares are very practical. Many netizens want to imitate after seeing them. It is worth learning from.

1. Folding bathroom stool

Usually we are prone to slip and fall when showering in the bathroom, and many children and elderly people feel uncomfortable standing for a long time while taking a shower, and the bathtub takes up a lot of space and is not very practical.

We also know that Japan is a country with more serious aging. In order to take care of the elderly at home, many Japanese families install a foldable bathroom stool in the bathroom.

You can open the bathroom stool directly when you take a bath, so you don't have to worry about slipping or being too tired. When the stool is not in use, it will not take up too much space when it is folded. This design is also welcomed by many people.

2. Install the dryer

The bathroom is the wettest place in the house. The towels used in the bathroom and some small clothes washed are difficult to dry. After a long period of time, it is easy to cause mold and odor problems, which can also make people feel very uncomfortable.

In Japanese bathrooms, a dryer is basically installed, which can not only ventilate, blow cold and hot air, but also dry.

Usually used towels and cleaned clothes can be hung directly in the bathroom to dry, avoiding the problem of odor and bacteria breeding on the towels.

It can also ensure the ventilation of the bathroom, enhance the air circulation, and make the bathroom drier and more comfortable.