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If you want to install a bathtub in the bathroom, have you considered these issues?


In the bathroom decoration, in addition to the necessary switch sockets and light positions are important links, toilet displacement and wash basin displacement are also critical. But for many people, the most tangled point in the entire hydropower process is how the bathtub and shower room coexist.


Why do you fall in love with the bathtub?

Some people say it is because of romance.

mistaken! ! !

The truth is-because of imagination.

Have you ever imagined: getting into a lady-level cat-foot bathtub under a vast starry sky, sprinkling some rose petals, reading a book, and drinking champagne; have you ever imagined: a day of physical labor and brainpower in winter After work, I returned home from the cold outdoors, drained the water and removed my makeup, then I slid into the steaming bathtub, and the cold white wine slid into my thirsty throat. It was so refreshing...

Stop it!

I think you watched a lot of movie screens, or when you went out to travel, you soaked in the bath in the homestay to take off... Then you forgot how spacious the bathtub is, and you don’t need to clean it yourself after soaking... …

Take a look at the comparison chart below and you will know the gap.

If economic conditions permit in the future, and there is a big villa or house, I also want to put one on the balcony of the master bedroom, which is capricious and extravagant.

Before that, no matter how good the imagination is, I will think twice.


Is the size of your bathtub sufficient?

If you have two bathrooms in your house, one shower and one bath are naturally the best arrangements.

Two bathrooms, can put down a bathtub over 1.4m, clean a little expert, and install it decisively! The main guard is in the master bedroom, so it's even more important to install it! For children, it is convenient to bathe them. If a bathtub is installed, it is recommended to use a gas water heater.

It is estimated that most mothers and women who are going to be mothers will raise their hands to agree!

The bathtub was originally installed to satisfy one's own "selfish desires", which has fun and health, and now it is perfect to add the reason for preparing for the baby.

But if there is only one bathroom in the house, the size problem may kill you.

First, we can take a look at the size of the bathtub.

You can refer to this scale drawing to show what the 180cm man would experience in bathtubs of different sizes.

From left to right are 1000, 1250, 1500, 1700, 1800mm

Although the length is mostly 1.5-1.8m, it is a more comfortable size; but as shown in the figure, you can also find that if you buy a small bathtub with a length of 1.2-1.4m, the width is generally 0.7-0.75m, which will not affect too much. Big.

After knowing the approximate size of the bathtub, we simply list all the other bathroom options and see how big a bathroom we need at least for a bathtub.

In addition, there must be a 0.2m reserved space between the toilet and the sink, or between the toilet and the wall; and at least 1.5 square meters of space for pedestrians in the aisle.

In this way, a bathroom equipped with a bathtub and a shower room needs at least 3.6 square meters; and a bathtub and shower room are independent, then the bathroom needs at least 4.5 square meters.

After understanding the approximate size, I will talk about the layout of the four basic bathroom distributions below.


Four basic toilet layouts

Long and narrow toilet

The first case is the bathroom with the door open on the shortest side.

In this case, we usually set the bathtub in the innermost position opposite to the entrance.

And the water outlets are all on the same side, this design is also cheaper, because all the water pipes are placed on the same wall.

Wide and short bathroom

Although it looks similar to the above, the difference is that the entrance is on the long wall instead of on the short side.

There are two possibilities for this bathroom design: the entrance can be in the middle of the side wall or in the middle of the side wall.

However, there are rules to be found.

The basic principle is to put the sink in front of the door. No matter if it is on one side or in the middle.

For example, in the first example, the sink is centered, with a toilet on one side and a shower on the other. In the second one, the sink is in the corner.

When you open the door, the mirror that first enters your eyes has the feeling of enlarging the space, which makes the bathroom look more spacious and beautiful.

If possible, you are willing to try major changes. My suggestion is that opening the door in the middle is much more interesting than opening the door in the corner. Your bathroom will look bigger, and the layout will be better distributed (such as three separates).